Publishing Your Own Book

Dan Poynter, author of The Self-Publishing Manual, exposes little-known tips for getting your book published. He shares the pros and cons of traditional publishing vs. self-publishing, choosing an editor and book designer, creating an attractive cover design, promoting your book, and much more.

Buying Term Life Insurance

Anthony Steuer, author of Questions and Answers on Life Insurance, shares expert advice about choosing the right term life insurance policy. He shares tips for comparing different policies, deciding how much coverage you need, choosing a beneficiary, reducing your premium, and more.

Improving Your Public Speaking Skills

Scott Berkun, author of Confessions of a Public Speaker, shares his advice about becoming a better public speaker. He reveals step-by-step tips for planning an effective presentation, practicing your talk, controlling anxiety and fear, getting paid to speak, interacting with the audience, and more.

Planning a Budget Wedding

Denise Fields, co-author of Bridal Bargains, reveals her tips for having a cheap wedding that looks absolutely fabulous! She shares advice about buying a wedding dress, avoiding sneaky bridal shop tricks, picking your ceremony and reception sites, and choosing a wedding photographer, DJ, and caterer.

Adopting a Child From China

Dawn Davenport, author of The Complete Book of International Adoption, shares her insight about adopting from China. She talks about the different adoption options, adoptive parent requirements, choosing a Chinese adoption agency, surviving the home study, how much it will cost, and much more.

Getting Started with Beekeeping

Howland Blackiston, author of Beekeeping For Dummies, shares his tips about beekeeping. He reveals how to set up a beehive, buying honey bee queens and drones, choosing the right beekeeping tools and equipment, caring for your bees, harvesting honey, common mistakes, and much more.

Getting Into Law School

Ann Levine, Esq., author of The Law School Admission Game, shares her advice about applying to law school. She talks about choosing a law school, preparing to take the LSAT, getting great letters of recommendation, law school application mistakes, hiring an admissions consultant, and much more.

Raising Chickens in Your Backyard

Rob Ludlow, co-author of Raising Chickens For Dummies, offers his tips about raising and keeping chickens in your backyard. He shares his advice about which chicken breeds are best, where to buy day-old chicks, where to find coop design ideas, keeping your neighbors happy, and much more.

Brewing Your Own Beer

Charlie Papazian, author of The Complete Joy of Homebrewing, shares his advice for beginning homebrewers. He suggests which kind of beer to make, beer making equipment and ingredients you’ll need, how much it will cost, and the little mistakes beginners make that can ruin your first batch of beer.

Getting a Patent

David Pressman, Esq., author of Patent It Yourself, offers his advice about how to patent your idea. He covers performing a patent search, applying for a provisional patent, evaluating commercial potential, filing a patent application, hiring a patent attorney, common inventor pitfalls, and much more.

Getting a Mortgage

Carolyn Warren, author of Homebuyers Beware, shares her tips about how to get a low mortgage interest rate, improve your FICO score, and avoid scams and bogus lender fees. She also reveals the secret commission that lenders make on loans, what you should never say to a loan officer, and more.

Hiking the Appalachian Trail

Michelle Ray, author of How To Hike the A.T., reveals her tips about planning a thru-hike on the Appalachian Trail.  She shares her advice about planning your hike itinerary, choosing the right hiking gear, discovering hidden gems along the trail, footwear and backpack advice, and much more.

Creating HDR Images

Rick Sammon, author of HDR Photography Secrets, shares his tips for creating stunning HDR photography and reveals how to create HDR photos with little effort. He covers HDR software, camera settings, fool-proof techniques for adjusting your images, when not to use HDR, and much more.

Buying a Pinball Machine

Bernard Kamoroff, author of Pinball Machine Care and Maintenance, reveals his tips about how to buy a pinball machine. He shares advice about inspecting a machine before buying it, how much you should pay, which games are the most popular (and which ones you should definitely avoid), and much more.

Running Your First Marathon

John Bingham, author of Marathoning for Mortals, shares his insider secrets for running your first marathon. He talks about creating a marathon training plan, nutrition tips, avoiding injuries, choosing the right clothes and shoes, pitfalls that sideline marathoners on race day, and much more.